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Message from Rabbi Simcha Krauss

Message from Rabbi Simcha Krauss

Message from Rabbi Simcha Krauss

It is an honor to help inaugurate 100%Jerusalem
and help to in the concretization
of a vision of an old/new Jerusalem.

Our tradition knows and speaks of Jerusalem in many forms.
Jerusalem of Heaven and Jerusalem of the Earth. And this in a manner of speaking encapsulates
much of the elements that make Jerusalem so special.
Indeed,there exists, Jerusalem the Beautiful.
That too is part of our tradition and our experience.
The plaintive tune evoked by Jerusalem of Gold that tugs at our heart strings.

But we believe there is another aspect that, while it exists, it is there, we need to bring out,
from our inner selves into the reality-the Jerusalem of the heart. Our deepest yearning
and longing. As an old song expresses it
“thousands of years I dreamt of you,to be worthy and see the light of your face”.
Now that ,with GD’s help, we have realized this dream we must go to the next line of this song and continue
to “build you up from your ruins”

Indeed, the physical ruins of Jerusalem are in the process of being rebuilt.
But to rebuild the Jerusalem of the heart is still a challenge.
We at 100%Jerusalem dedicate ourselves to make, at least,
the effort to start the process.

Rabbi Simcha Krauss

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