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The view from Jerusalem, Rosh Hodesh Elul 2013, is beyond words

The view from Jerusalem, Rosh Hodesh Elul 2013, is beyond words

The view from Jerusalem, Rosh Hodesh Elul 2013, is beyond words

The view from Jerusalem, Rosh Hodesh Elul 2013, is beyond words.

So why not open and listen to this as your read the article:

This morning I was woken up by my hangover from last night’s “tasting” at the Jerusalem Wine Festival.

Against the backdrop of yet another stunning Jerusalem sunset and the view from the gardens of the Israel Museum, we “had” to sample approximately 50 delicious, miraculous wines; each expertly and lovingly grown in the soil of our holy land. We also sampled gourmet salts from the Dead Sea, olive oil, cider, passion fruit liqueur, pomegranate wine and cheeses.

As we tasted and contemplated the joyful atmosphere amongst Israelis and visitors indulging in that uniquely Israeli art of “chillaxing” in style, and we popped pieces of sushi into our mouths to act as “blotting paper”, we chewed over the resilience, vibrancy and creativity of Jerusalem, and how it offers something for everyone.


Love wines? Connect with Jerusalem through your delight in wines.
Or music…history…philosophy…art…volunteering…literature…connecting with great people over a drink…watching the sunset…gardening…. Jerusalem is a mosaic of experiences, happenings, spiritual inspirations and timelessness that invites each and every person to find their own personal route in.

Rosh Chodesh, Easter, Ramadan…whatever your faith, there is a time and a way for you to find your own, uniquely inspiring and invigorating place here. Jerusalem.

So there we were last night, doing it through wine.
(By the way the Wine Festival happens nightly this week. Try not to miss it if you are here.)

How and why have the Jewish people- in spite of all the destruction and the challenges that we have and continue to face- found the time, space and creativity to plant and to grow vines; each somehow irrigated in this semi desert country using unfathomable ingenuity?

Surely, like the grape itself, our people has been crushed to a pulp and left to rot. And yet the most full bodied and exceptional wine has fermented as a result; and it sits here, ready to be tasted and to intoxicate the senses and the minds of those who choose to share with us and to befriend us.

And so I woke up this morning with a slight headache and a dry mouth, as the early morning pre-sunrise rays shed their light around the bedroom. The first light of Rosh Hodesh Elul. In Jerusalem. Such a gift.


Quickly consuming a couple of cups of water and my first coffee of the day, I hurried to catch the sunrise on my balcony and to pray the Rosh Hodesh prayers, including deeply touching yet so majestic Hallel. I knew that on the balcony I would simultaneously hear and join the prayers from the nearby Kurdish and Morrocon synagogues.

Distracted by the sweet chirping of three enchanting parrokeets on a nearby roof ,and the stunning colours and lights of the sunrise itself, I tried to capture the moment; to meditate on appreciating the blessings that I as an individual and that we as a city and as a people encounter and enjoy, each and every day in Jerusalem. And also to shift my focus to this month of reflection, repentance, self improvement, and aspirations for the future.

For me personally, today will include a tapestry of happenings and undertakings that somehow incorporate all of the important elements in my life as a Jewess, a Jerusalemite, a wife, a mother, a grandmother, a daughter and a friend.

Refreshed and motivated by the start to the day I am also tempted to walk/run for an hour to absorb some further energy and vitality from the atmosphere, sights, sounds, and spirit of the start to this special Jerusalem day.Just another day, yet a special day nonetheless.

But instead I will try to capture the feeling and the mood in a few words,
and to share it with some of my loved ones.

Because that 100%Jerusalem feeling is too precious not to be shared.

And I have some more work to do on our 100%Jerusalem October activities schedule so that we can begin to promote it and invite you to join us.

please be in touch:

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