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Madelaine Black

Madelaine Black


Madelaine Black is an award winning Creative and Marketing Consultant, who has pioneered innovative initiatives and campaigns in the UK and Israel. In 2006 Madelaine created and led the high profile fundraising odyssey of challenges in Israel: ‘I’m a Jewish Princess…..What am I doing here’ for Emunah. She and the project featured across the English and Israeli national media.

Madelaine, her husband Robert and their family fulfilled a dream when they moved from London to Jerusalem in August 2007. The family has settled, flourished and grown since coming home.

Madelaine has been on an obsessive quest to find a way to celebrate and to share the effervescent, authentic magic of Jerusalem With the establishment of 100%Jerusalem, she hopes she is onto something!

My Jerusalem Journey

I can still remember that feeling when, as an eleven year old girl, I came to Jerusalem for the first time with my parents and brother.
I can recall and visualise the overwhelming feeling of awe and trepidation as I touched the stones of the Kotel, and the multi sensory physical, emotional and spiritual connection that I immediately felt with the magic of the ancient, the Divine and the people.Thus began my calling, my journey and my love affair with Jerusalem; which I celebrate every blessed day of my life.

I love Jerusalem because

Talking to someone I meet on the street and realising that there is no such word as “stranger” here- because we are all connected by something?
I never feel like I am a stranger, nor that anyone whom I meet- Yerushalmi or visitor- is a stranger. Jerusalem is physically and spiritually unique in time and space, and the people who are here feel it.

Every day I appreciate our Divine inheritance more, and I marvel at the renewal and the beautification of this multi-dimensional City.

My 100%Jerusalem moment

There are too many moments from which to select one.
Sunset over the desert skyline?
Dancing in the streets on Yom Yerushalyim ?
That Friday afternoon feeling when the streets go quiet as people prepare their homes and themselves for Shabbat;  that pervading  sense of peace, sanctity, and people connecting with people, unhindered by modern technology?
Why not email me when you are next in Jerusalem, and allow me to share a 100%Jerusalem  moment with you?