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Helen Cohn

Helen Cohn




My Israel Journey

I came to live in Israel over 25 years ago and am still enchanted by all there is to see and experience in this compact country which has more history, archeology and spirituality per centimeter than any other place I know.


My 100%Jerusalem moment…never ends.

Living in Jerusalem I am part of a tradition going back thousands of years, the realization of my ancestors’ dreams. This city I call home allows me to walk in the footsteps of kings and prophets, offers me world class culture and is the beating pulse of my religion. It can’t get much better than that!


I Love Jerusalem Because…

of the many different and juxtaposing experiences it offers: The Western Wall in the snow, the sellers cries at Mahane Yehuda market, incense and spices wafting through the air in the old City, the medley of the muezzin, church bells and fireworks, the murmur of prayer, the silence of Shabbat….


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