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100%Jerusalem welcomes the visitor to authentic Jerusalem
and brings Jerusalemites together to fuze and nurture our society.

People to people.




Today’s Jerusalem is a dream coming true, and we want to play our part!

We invite you to participate in our community activities and hear our voices.

Glimpse  and Encounter the cultures and religious traditions
of the people of today’s Jerusalem.

Listen to  their stories, experience their cultures and their lifestyles,  and  share their food.

“Our 100%Jerusalem Iraqi and Hasidic Mea Shearim Encounter and
halla bake was undoubtedly the highlight of our visit to Jerusalem”
S.C. London, UK. January 2014


We are the creators of Jerusalem’s Sects in the City  festival,
and we invite you to experience Jerusalem’s sects appeal for yourself.

We’ll tailor-make tours and events or your organization or private group,
according to your budget and requirements.


“100%Jerusalem find out where the visitor is from,  his or her interests,
and match those with an experience.” 

The Jerusalem Post 


Please take a look at our short movie,
and be in touch to arrange your group’s 100%Jerusalem experience.

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Telephone us:  +972-(0)72 222 2052



100% Jerusalem is a new, local non-profit initiative
established by a group of ordinary Jerusalemites
who share a passionate and active love of Jerusalem.

No politics, no hidden agenda.

100% Jerusalem is a project of the
Woman of Worth Foundation
Registered charity no: 580568376
We jump start active and engaged involvement in Jerusalem



Our mission is to personally welcome you to Jerusalem
and to share unique, fresh and enlightening experiences
inside Jerusalem’s diverse society.



We each fell in love with Jerusalem and have made it our home.
Now we want to make it feel like home for  visitors to Jerusalem.

We want to to enhance local, national and international understanding and friendship
through educational, cultural and humanitarian activities
involving the exchange of ideas and experiences among peoples of
Jerusalem’s diverse cultures, and visitors to Jerusalem.


100% Jerusalem believe that a network of culturally knowledgeable residents and friends is
an active force in helping to evolve and sustain a peaceful  Jerusalem society,
and that the contacts made through such a network offer
tremendous opportunity for personal, social, and economic growth.


Our 100%Jerusalem Team

Madelaine Black-Founder and CEO
Communications and marketing expert

Liliane Khafif Yomtov –  Director

Helen Cohn – Tour Director
Licensed tour guide 

Partners & Sponsors

Thank you: for your ongoing support.
Nina Neumann-Muller, Jerusalem, for your sponsorship of this website design.