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Shoshana Bier’s Yerushalyim Elul Wake-Up Call

Shoshana Bier’s Yerushalyim Elul Wake-Up Call

Shoshana Bier’s Yerushalyim Elul Wake-Up Call

It’s the month of  Elul in Yerushalyim!

Even though it is still mid-August the moon and sun know their   cycle and there is something in the Yerushalyim air heralding change.  We switch modes from lighthearted summer to organizing our thoughts and our actions, “cleaning up our act”, introspection. Even the sounds and smells of  Yerushalyim change, as each new morning brings us closer to the culmination… the end of a year is approaching, and a new year is soon to begin.

Of course it’s also wedding season in Yerushalyim– time for new beginnings as the year comes to a close. I am invited to participate in three weddings in the next two weeks! Let us hear in the open squares of Yerushalyim the sounds of joy and happiness, the sounds of the bride and groom!


A lovely breeze is coming in from my porch and the pomegranates are ripening on the tree in my neighbour’s garden. What beauty this adds to Yerushalyim– and I am reminded of how the seeds of the pomegranate are counted and likened to our good deeds of the past year.

Elul is a time to wake up, take stock of the deeds of the past year, and prepare oneself for the coming new year. We are meant to prepare for the “coronation” on Rosh Hashanah –which is accompanied of course by the blowing of the Shofar, as trumpets should accompany the King.

In my  Yerushalyim Elul experience I have a literal wake-up call each early morning (as the sun rises!), for right outside my window, there is a synagogue where every year during Elul the Slichot prayers (asking to be forgiven for past wrong doing…) are said in the wee hours of the morning, accompanied by the wake up blasts of the Shofar blowing. What a privilege! For some reason I have been blessed to have this personal, literal Elul wake –up call; to get a jump start in life.


Get ready the Shofar calls!

Shoshana Bier


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