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Please Support 100%Jerusalem

Donate to 100% Jerusalem

100%Jerusalem is a nonprofit initiative which is trying to get started.

We need financial support  so that we can jump start active and passionate
relationships with Jerusalem for visitors from Israel and around the world.

We believe that 100%Jerusalem will make a smart and active contribution towards significant social and economic change for Jerusalem.

Your support will enable us to establish our operations whilst remaining independent from political, religious and economic interests.

We encourage our donors to invest in those areas of our work that may be of particular interest to them, and to experience a rewarding interaction with those activities.

100%Jerusalem obtains funding in three ways:

1. Corporate partners, sponsors and advertisers
We invite you to be part of 100%Jerusalem.
In fact without you it won’t happen

2. Grants and Donations
We are reliant upon tax-deductible grants and donations to enable us to sustain and to grow.

3. Earned Revenue
Whatever money we make from our activities is simply reinvested into our start up and running costs, and into growing our enterprise.

Call or email us to discuss how you can invest in 100%Jerusalem.


By Post-
Contributions to 100%Jerusalem may be mailed to:
5  Rehov Hamatzor
Jerusalem 92544

Direct Bank Transfer-
Please contact us for bank details
Telephone: +972-(0)72 222 2052

USA- PEF Tax deductable donations

Want to donate from the United States?
Through our partnership with Ginot Ha’Ir Community Council we are accepting tax deductible donations through PEF.
Please contact Kineret for details


We can receive tax deductable donations from the UK:
Offline gifts from the UK-
Please make sure that all payments are made out to UK Toremet Limited.
Please make sure to send notice to UK Toremet Limited that you are making a gift, or that a gift has been made, with a request that it be utilised for the facilitation of the activities of  100%Jerusalem  Israel  Reg Charity No: 580568376

Cheques from the UK
Cheques should be made out to UK Toremet Limited
Please make sure to state both your name and the name of “100%Jerusalem”
They should be sent to:
UK Toremet Limited
Shenkers LLP,
4th Floor, Sutherland House
70/78 West Hendon Broadway
London NW9 7BT
United Kingdom

Bank Transfers-
Instructions should be given for the gift to be transferred to the following account:
(Please make sure to state both your name and the name of “The Woman of Worth Foundation” on the transfer details)
Account type: NWDBB CURRENT
Account number: 1 9 2 1 1 3 3 3
Sort code: 6 0 – 2 4 – 7 7
Bank address:
PO Box 4115
RM12 4DF

Online Donations from the UK-
Click here